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Business Idea: Empire Kitchen Services

Development, test, and production kitchen for restaurant / food business / cottage food business startups or young businesses without production facilities.


Business Idea: Empire Vintage Remodeling Development

Back house remodeling services practice and skill development area. Development areas:

ceiling plaster
veneer walls
crown molding
window treatments
floor and wall tile
stone and brick pointing
paving stones
mortared set stone walls
glued wood floors
nailed wood floors
lighting enhancement
plasterwork ceilings

Business Idea: Empire Vintage Remodeling

Under the umbrella of Empire Services. Perform remodeling of homes in Vintage Place to be upgraded, but still more in keeping with vintage styling (1930’s – 1940’s).

Business Idea: Tranquility Meditation

Meditation training, $10/hr/person ($20 introductory, or with special pricing). This could morph into a monetized, guided meditation group that could even meet in the home. Group price could be reduced. This falls into the category of monetizing what you normally do, every day, that you wouldn’t usually expect to get paid for.

Business Idea: Empire Dog Services

Dog walking, grooming (clip, wash, nails). Mobile. 

Business Idea: Empire Services (umbrella corp)

Under an umbrella services corporation, you can pretty much do any business activity for which you are licensed and qualified. 

More Monetizing

Once again, I’ve said in the past, “Stop the Monetizing!” My inspiration for this cry was that it seemed everything that had once been easily found, even free, is becoming a paid commodity. People are finding a way to put a price tag on all the things which came to us without a price as children. I thought, this can’t be good — some things ought to be free. 

The other side of the coin is that it’s getting harder and harder to get by these days. We also find ourselves enslaved to jobs working for corporations or other people who skim the profits and leave us with a wage which may or may not sustain us. The answer may lie in working for ourselves; monetizing what we know, charging a market segment for transfer of knowledge, labor, or both.

So, that’s the idea — take what you know and figure out how to productize it, develop the market, and sell on. 

What can you monetize first?

Business Idea: Catenary Bakery, aka DeLancy’s Donuts

My daughter wants to partner with me in a bakery in San Francisco. I originally wanted to do a cheesecake business, but have also thought about a bakery since about 1985. I can see it. Even though DeLancy Street would be the ideal location from a name point of view, I’m thinking I would enjoy one of the neighborhood locations better. Since I was awake after about 1:30 last night, I was thinking about it. Breads, pastries, petit-fours, high-tech stuff like hollow chocolate eggs, laser-cut stuff, 3d-printed stuff that would go for high prices for the high-end party people. Espresso and coffee (no fancy crap). Italian stuff. Hope I win the lottery.

Business Idea: Independent Restaurant Setup Service

Let’s say someone wants to start a restaurant, but they have no idea how to do it. Oh, they know what kind of food they want to sell, and maybe the theme or ambience they want to project, but they don’t know the nuts and bolts of permits, licenses, buildings, kitchens, fire code, grease traps, first aid, safety, walk-freezers, equipment, point-of-sale terminals, credit card handling, hiring wait staff or counter help, finding good help, finding chefs and cooks, and all the other little mechanical and logistical things (like dealing with food service companies) that it takes to make a restaurant happen. It’s a lot of stuff, and is a lot of hard work. But if you could clear $150K or $200K every time you took someone through this process, it might be a good enough income to make it worthwhile. 

But would it be fun? Could you sell the business for a profit later? How soon? For how much profit?


I’ve griped about monetizing before, saying “Stop monetizing everything!” Now that I’m closer to zero dollars than before, now I wonder if it is possible to monetize one’s every waking moment, even one’s every moment. My god, you say, even your sleep? And I say, yes, even your sleep. Of course, one way to do that is to post blogs to a site which you monetize, and have that traffic or those ad clicks generate income for you. But I’m thinking of something different. Can I monetize my sleep data? Can I monetize everyone’s sleep data? Can I make an internet not of things, but of people? A simple piece of connectible hardware with sensors feeding data to a database engine could gather anonymized sleep data that is useful for medical purposes. I realize there are already sleep apps available on smartphones, and maybe that is the place to start, as a smartphone app. But more information might be better; one’s motion isn’t all that is of interest. Pulse rate, respiration rate, temperature, brain activity, eye activity — all the stuff that sleep labs collect are of interest. That might take more hardware than a smartphone, or maybe peripheral hardware that runs on batteries and communicates by bluetooth. How much hardware does this take? How much code?