More Monetizing

by willbonds

Once again, I’ve said in the past, “Stop the Monetizing!” My inspiration for this cry was that it seemed everything that had once been easily found, even free, is becoming a paid commodity. People are finding a way to put a price tag on all the things which came to us without a price as children. I thought, this can’t be good — some things ought to be free. 

The other side of the coin is that it’s getting harder and harder to get by these days. We also find ourselves enslaved to jobs working for corporations or other people who skim the profits and leave us with a wage which may or may not sustain us. The answer may lie in working for ourselves; monetizing what we know, charging a market segment for transfer of knowledge, labor, or both.

So, that’s the idea — take what you know and figure out how to productize it, develop the market, and sell on. 

What can you monetize first?