Habit Stacking

by willbonds

Just today I read a blog post on habit stacking here, so the idea isn’t new. In essence, start with a practice you want to build into your life, choose a consistent time and place for it, then start with five minutes a week, adding a minute each subsequent week. After the practice seems successfully embedded in your life, you can think about adding another. This approach keeps a new practice from become overwhelming to maintain from the start.

A few days ago I asked a question on both Facebook and Twitter: What do you wish you had been doing daily for the last thirty years? I received a number of good responses, which tended toward good health practices and better relationships. The follow-up question I’ve had in mind (but have not asked) is: Can you start doing that now, so the next thirty years are better? Today, having read the post about habit stacking, the notions of habit stacking and unbegun daily practices seem to fit right together.

What practice would you want to apply to your life for the next thirty (or forty, or fifty?) years? Could you start it by using the habit stacking idea?